Our Client is a technology start-up focused on the development of a unified platform that delivers
software solutions to the security, real estate, and consumer markets. The company boasts a small and
efficient team of go-getters working in unison to realize extraordinary products in an opportune market.
The Role
 Undertake development tasks across a number of projects and products.
 Design data models and implement as DB schema, tables, views, and stored procedures.
 Undertake code reviews of existing code for inefficiencies and improve upon existing code.
 Develop new features in products and solutions as per specification.
 Undertake thorough unit testing ahead of delivery to Quality Assurance.
 The successful candidate must be intellectually curious with the ability to pick up concepts quickly in a
fast-paced environment.
 The role also provides an exceptional opportunity for learning new and cutting edge technologies
across IoT, mobile and web channels as well as career growth and the experience of working in a
challenging start-up environment.
 Holder of or Working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering,
Mathematics or Physics.
 Some experience is a plus but we shall also consider recent graduates who can demonstrate creative
thought in personal or academic projects and have a hunger to learn.
 Understanding of Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures.
 Familiarity with React Native.
 Excellent (in-code) documentation skills.
 Experience with a web framework such as Spring or Play.
 Conversant in object-oriented/functional programming language such as Java, C# or Scala
 Experience with a Frontend responsive framework such as Angular or ReactJS.
 Familiarity with ORMs such as Hibernate, Slick or Ebeans
 Familiarity with the Agile Methodology for software development
 A self-starter with initiative requiring minimal supervision.
 A quick learner and critical thinker unafraid to ask informed questions.
How To Apply
Applicants should send an updated CV and a cover letter to talent@proximimanagement.com with the
job title (Junior Developer) in the subject line before February 14th 2020 for their candidacy to be